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Mold Sampling

Although we live in a dry climate without significant interior mold problems, mold does exist.  Mold grows naturally outside our homes throughout Colorado.  As mold spores are carried inside on our clothing or through openings in our homes, potential mold colonies can form.  Mold generally requires a moisture source for active growth. Plumbing leaks, roof leaks, leaks around windows and doors, humidity from showers and baths, humidity from whole house humidifiers and moisture from the ground can all create an environment susceptible to mold growth.


For some people, mold growth can cause health problems.  If you have allergies or respiratory problems, mold may be a concern.


On every inspection we perform, we look for obvious evidence of mold growth.  Unfortunately, we cannot see behind walls, floors or ceilings.  One of the only ways to determine if mold is growing in a hidden location is to do air sampling.  Air sampling requires a minimum of one sample outside and one sample inside for comparison.  Obviously, the more interior locations samples are taken, the better the results. The samples can identify the presence of mold and the types of mold present.  We are also able to take surface samples of visible mold for identification purposes.  We generally get laboratory results back within two business days.  Rush orders can be done at an additional cost.  You will be provided with a detailed Mold Report from Emlab P&K Laboratories that you can share with your medical provider.


If mold growth is a concern to you, ask us to include mold sampling with your inspection!  Call us for pricing.

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